UK leads the way in the push for Renewable Energy

The UK is leading the way on rolling out renewable energy projects and cutting coal-fired power faster than its EU peers.

Much like Germany the UK is leading way on support for wind and solar power, but unlike Germany, the UK is decommissioning carbon-heavy coal-fired power in favour of cleaner alternatives at a quicker rate than almost anywhere else in the EU.

A German think tank published a document refutes claims that Brexit could hinder the UK’s ‘green’ credentials by removing the EU’s clean energy and climate change targets.

The UK has pledged to phase out all coal-fired power by 2025 and has already shown the biggest reduction behind Denmark with coal being responsible for just 7pc of the UK’s electricity generation mix falling from 28pc in 2010.

The UK also increased its share of wind, solar and biomass by 20 percentage points from 8pc in 2010 to 28pc last year, narrowly behind Denmark’s progress.

Germany has a higher base of renewable energy at 30pc of the electricity generation mix but started from a higher base of 13pc in 2010.

Britain is close to its 2020 target to generate 30pc of its electricity from renewables but it is not yet halfway towards the target of 12pc in heat and 10pc in transport.

The UK will wipe out coal use by 2025, so the emerging fleet of electric vehicles to hit British roads will be powered by cleaner generation.

The Netherlands, Italy, and Portugal have all vowed to follow the UK’s lead in setting an end-date for coal while France has even upped the ante by pledging to eradicated the modest 1pc of coal from their energy mix 4 years early.


UK leads the way in the push for Renewable Energy

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