Top 10 weirdest workplace rules


A survey undertaken by CV Library has released some of the strangest rules that Londoners have been subjected to in the workplace.

As a fledgeling recruiter in the late 90’s I was subjected to some of the most bizarre or depending on your point of view Dickensian rules that in today’s workplace would end up in legal action. Disciplinary action and breakfast bought for all the team if you were late & my personal favourite “lockdown” which was an effort to get the day off to a bang and create some sales activity all staff were not allowed to leave their desk for an hour regardless of their physical or mental well being, however, reading some of the top 10 some below things haven’t changed that much. Roll on the lawsuits!!

Leave us a post and let us know the most ridiculous rules that you have had to adhere to

CV-Library Top 10

1.       No food or drink at your desk – 38 per cent

2.       Getting a doctor’s note for any kind of illness – 28.3 per cent

3.       Pay docked for being a few minutes late – 23.9 per cent

4.       No pictures, plants or anything personal on your desk – 17.4 per cent

5.       Time limits when using the bathroom – 15.2 per cent

6.       No talking to colleagues unless in the break room – 15.2 per cent

7.       Not allowed to have a beard – 12 per cent

8.       Leaving all personal belongings at the door – 10.9 per cent

9.       No wearing perfume to work – 9.8 per cent

10.   Standings when the boss enters the room – 8.7 per cent

Top 10 weirdest workplace rules

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