The UK increases coal production to supply France

The UK has in the last 2 weeks increased its export of coal fired power to France as 4 of the 19 Nuclear reactors go offline and the cold weather bites.

8 stations including the German owned Ratcliffe power station in Nottingham have been firing on all cylinders to reach the Energy demands and much sought after higher prices of the French energy market.

The 43 mile inter-connector that runs between Folkstone and Calais usually has passed Electricity from across the channel to the UK but for the first time over the last 2 weeks we have a seen a complete turn around and energy flowing in the other direction.

Reasons for the shift in supply are down to a seasonal temperature drop and a continued under performance of the French low carbon energy market. Four of its 19 nuclear stations currently closed for various reasons including the French regulators investigating potential flood risks at their largest Nuclear site.

The UK has this year outperformed coal power with more environmentally friendly power generation sources and with 19 other nations has vowed to cut out coal fired production from the energy mix by 2025, although with a shutdown scheduled until December at Sellafield power station and the mercury drops in the UK are we to see the further need for coal to see us through another winter?

Are we looking at a case of one step forward and two steps back in the drive for sustainable energy in the UK?

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The UK increases coal production to supply France

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