Could this signify the end of the sales call?

Usage of Mobile phones for voice calls has been reported as being 30% down in the last year.

Does this translate to a business environment, are we all becoming more reluctant to communicate in person, or is this a simple matter of convenience?

Working in management for one of the largest global recruiters over the last decade the emphasis on outbound sales calls as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) has taking more of a back seat. This was not down to the businesses will to drive that particular target, but a reluctance from consultants to be measured in this manner and having a better, more versatile toolkit to communicate with their customers without the need to speak to them directly.

Sure mass email campaigns could reach a wider audience but the kit you use is only as strong as the individual using it. Misplaced poorly executed emails would be the number one cause of complaint from candidates and clients on a weekly basis as the dials were turned up on email communications & sales calls took a back seat.

So does the drop in voice calls for personal mobile phone users echo the pattern of what has been going on for the last 10 years in business? Are people in general less confident in making a call even to people they know. Are we becoming a world of keyboard warriors or smartphone sentinels? If so what does this mean for an industry on which has been built on “bashing the phone”.

Do we not have time to talk, or is it simply that with the social platforms freely available to business regardless of size such as, Linkedin, Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter  and What’s App is the age of talking over?

What would your preference of future communication with your service providers, clients & customers to look like, as it seems it will not be over the phone for much longer?





Could this signify the end of the sales call?

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